Foundation Fail 1 - Exfoliation

The presence of clumps of dead skin cells on your face can make your foundation flaky or patchy, so regular exfoliation is a must.

Try the Planet Spa Japanese Sake and Rice Illuminating Face Mask and Scrub, suitable for all skin types, or the Anew Advanced Dermabrasion System which has two tubes and a dial so you can adjust the strength to suit your own skin type and condition.

Exfoliation is NOT a daily task – once a week will be enough for very sensitive skin, and 3 – 4 times a week at most for less sensitive skins.

Exfoliation will leave your skin slightly reddened, so it's best done at night to give your skin time to recover overnight before applying make-up in the morning. Remove all make-up first, then cleanse thoroughly, then exfoliate. After exfoliation, use your favourite toner to remove any last traces of the exfoliating product, then finish with a good dollop of night moisturiser. By morning, the redness will have gone, and you'll be left with smooth skin ready for fail-free foundation!