Warning! Health Hazard! ...or is it?

Last year, one of Avon's competitors launched an automatic soap dispenser. The advertising campaign was based on fear - the potential health hazard of touching a 'germy soap pump'. Sensible people spotted the flaw in the logic straight away - people use soap pumps to dispense soap when they are washing their hands, so any germs from the pump will be washed away! Sadly, this totally unnecessary product is now being advertised on TV again, with the same scary warnings of this non-existent health hazard.

Money-Saving Tip: For normal people - those who use the soap pump for dispensing soap when they wash their hands, and who don't see any need to spend money on expensive novelty gadgets to cure a problem that doesn't exist - Avon's Senses liquid soaps are included in the 'half price' offer on page 98 of Brochure 11.