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Quick Recap

As an Independent AVON Representative, you will:

  • receive free training

  • have no upfront fees to pay for starting your own business

  • be your own boss and be able to work flexible hours

  • receive free sales materials for your first two selling campaigns

  • be able to earn up to 25% of your sales value

  • have the opportunity to apply to become an Independent AVON Sales Leader


If you would like an Independent Sales Leader to contact you before you make the final commitment to join Avon, please click here to contact us.




Ready to Apply?

First, check that you qualify to apply to become an Independent AVON Representative in the UK -

• You must be over 18
• You must live in the UK
• You must have a telephone (UK landline and/or mobile)
• You must have internet access (home, work, friend's house, library etc.)
• You must have two forms of ID (one with a photo and one with your current home address)
• If you have been an Independent Avon Representative before, your old account must have been closed at least 8 months ago, and without any outstanding balance owed to Avon

If you are sure that you qualify to apply, please Apply to become an avon representative to complete the application form.

Once you have completed the application form, your local Independent AVON Sales Leader will be trying to contact you to arrange your appointment and training visit, so please check your email & voicemail!


If you think you might NOT qualify for any reason, if you have difficulty reaching the application form, if you have security concerns regarding visiting an external website, or if you would like more information before applying, please click here to contact us for advice.